Criteria for Membership

  • Horticulture is central to your mission
  • Your collections are labeled or curated
  • You are a non-profit entity
  • Your garden is open to the public

Benefits of Membership

Participation in large-scale events at low-scale fees
By sharing registration fees and staffing, your garden is enabled to exhibit at major flower and tourism shows.

Publicity and Promotion
Joint marketing efforts include a Speakers Bureau, Website and Brochure to promote the member gardens of Garden State Gardens.

Group purchasing power
Join with other public gardens to purchase plants or to share program expenses.

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of your peers in the areas of event planning, volunteer management and development.

Networking & Professional Development
Develop relationships with other public garden professionals, share information on new trends and practices in garden design, plant selection and maintenance.

Joint Programming
Participate in an annual theme-based event which highlights the unique character and collections of individual public gardens and provides valuable educational content.

Dues Structure

Member Garden’s Annual Budget GSG Annual Dues
$1,000,000+ $350
$750,000-999,999 $300
$500,000-749,999 $250
$100,000-499,999 $150
$50,000-99,999 $100
$49,999 & under $50

Apply for Membership

Complete and submit the on-line membership application form.